Fortify IT provides VoIP phone service through 8x8. We partner up with them because they have great sound quality and are reasonably priced with the service they provide. The ease and use of their phone system makes it a great choice for any business.

8x8 is all cloud based, they have several data centers around the world to ensure that your system is never down and that you'll alway be able to get phone calls. 8x8 has desk phones, phone apps for your cell phone or desktop to use with a microphone and speakers. If your power goes out, just login on your cell phone and you'll be like you're in the office!

There is no better time to move away from your old onsite phone system or away from another VoIP system!

We will do everything for you:

  1. Start the initial dirty quote to get you some numbers so you can see how much you can save over old school telephone systems

  2. We'll get you on the phone with them so you can discuss the exact details of what your employees need

  3. We'll setup the 8x8 web portal, users, groups extensions

  4. All you'll have to do is tell us the extensions and how the groups work and record messages.