Fortify IT offers low voltage cabling services for running old CAT3 phone lines, CAT5/CAT6/CAT7 network cable, and COAX cable. 

Our cabling vendor is also a licensed & insured electrician so we can do pretty much any electrical work you may need completed.

We test & label all of our cables.

If you need one cable or a hundred, we can do that for you!

FortifyIT Network Cabling - Expertly Designed and Installed Structured Cabling Solutions for Your Business

Subtitle: Enhance Your Connectivity and Optimize Your IT Infrastructure with Our High-Quality, Customized Cabling Services


A reliable, high-performance network is the backbone of any modern business. FortifyIT's Network Cabling service provides expertly designed and installed structured cabling solutions that enable you to enhance your connectivity and optimize your IT infrastructure. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to develop a customized cabling plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your network remains fast, efficient, and scalable as your business grows.

Key Features of FortifyIT Network Cabling:

Benefit from our tailored cabling solutions designed to meet your unique business requirements. Our team of experts will assess your current and future connectivity needs and develop a comprehensive cabling plan that aligns with your IT infrastructure goals.

Ensure the reliability and performance of your network with our high-quality materials and components. FortifyIT's Network Cabling service uses industry-leading products and materials to deliver the best possible results for your structured cabling installation.

Rely on our experienced professionals to design and install your structured cabling solution with precision and care. Our team adheres to the highest industry standards and best practices, ensuring that your network cabling is installed correctly and efficiently.

Future-proof your IT infrastructure with our scalable and flexible network cabling solutions. Our structured cabling systems are designed to accommodate your evolving business needs, allowing you to expand and adapt your network as your requirements change.

Ensure the performance and reliability of your network with our comprehensive testing and certification process. FortifyIT's Network Cabling service includes thorough testing and validation of your cabling infrastructure, providing you with the confidence that your network will perform optimally.

Benefit from our ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your network cabling infrastructure in top condition. Our team is available to provide prompt and effective assistance, ensuring that your business remains connected and operational.

Why Choose FortifyIT Network Cabling?

Enhance your connectivity and optimize your IT infrastructure with FortifyIT's expertly designed and installed Network Cabling services. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality, customized cabling solutions and discover how they can help support the growth and success of your business.