Managed I.T. Services


The Internet is a dangerous place and not keeping computers on current patches and not running an anti-malware program, the systems are at a greater risk of getting attacked by malicious applications.   Trying to keep up with computers patches, anti-malware definitions and scans is hard enough and then add in Quickbooks issues (or some other application), the important security tasks get pushed to the side.  Automatic updates are baked into Windows and Macs but if people shutdown nightly, they won't install.


Let Fortify IT manage your computers!   We check the statuses of patches, anti-malware definitions, high RAM usage, high CPU usage, application crashes, critical services, etc.  We are alerted and then take action.    We reduce the overall time and cost of computer ownership by staying on top of issues.  We also reduce the stress on the owners by knowing they have a team that takes care of these issues for them.  Owners are then left to worry about running their business.

All of our managed computers include the following services

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