Fortify Sync is a Dropbox clone that is simple to use. You'll be able to access from anywhere and install the sync application on your computers and synchronize your data between every system even mobile devices!

We have built security into the system and by default, signing into the web portal requires Multi Function Authentication (MFA) so if your password is compromised, hackers can't get connected without the 6 digit code that changes every minute. Fortify Sync has ransomware protection installed. File versioning protects against ransomware because every file has several versions.


  • Cheaper than Dropbox!

  • Sync Data between all your devices

      • Any Device, Anywhere

      • Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, phones, tablets

  • Secure File Uploads for Clients

  • Mandatory Multi Factor Authentication for Increased Security

  • Version History

  • Ransomware & Virus Protection

  • Integration with Dropbox, Google, OneDrive

  • Share Data with Anyone

Folder structure of Fortify Sync. Create or Share files easily.

Fortify Sync Login Page

Fortify Sync Multi Factor Authentication