PCI-DSS compliance is the means to protect credit card information. PCI-DSS compliance is very similar to HIPAA, they overlap on the same basic security principles because they both are required to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII). There are very easy and quick things to do to get very well protected in the eyes of PCI and show PCI due diligence.

The hardest security aspect about PCI is that EVERYTHING on the network needs to be locked down and secured, phones, copiers, scanners, computers, etc, basically if it touches the network, it has to be secure. What we do for companies that run credit cards through a computer is segment that computer off the main network so it's a lot easier to secure everything and be compliant.

We can help with getting your network PCI secured.

Basics of PCI-DSS Secure Requirements

  • Need a Firewall

  • Password protect everything

  • Secure Wireless

  • Use Supported Operating Systems

  • Regularly Patched OS's

  • Anti-Malware Programs

  • Secure Everything that is on the Network