Remote working is a growing segment in I.T. VPN's back in the day were always a pain to setup and configure. The days of the old complicated installation of VPN software is over. Our VPN system makes it very easy to get connected to the company network.

Just log into a website an it'll do everything else for you (after two simple installations, the connection awareness software and then the NetExtender VPN client). All of the company drive mappings will be connected and you can work over shared drive or over RDP to your office computer or terminal server.

This portal will allow you to connect to any computer or file shares from any type of computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook etc), phone, or tablet.

This solution makes remote working a breeze!


  • Simplified VPN & Remote Access Interface

  • Access data & systems off any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc)

  • Ensures the end user computer meets the requirements to log into the corporate network

  • User Authentication

  • Client Security Checks

  • Maps Data Drive

  • Unified Threat Management Device

  • Optimizes Web Traffic

  • Caches often used web pages for Faster Browsing

  • AV & Malware website scanning

  • Anonymizes Browsing

  • Quality of Service

  • URL Guarding

  • Web Application Firewall

The VPN Page is setup specifically for your company

Virtual Office homepage with quick access to remote computers over RDP, website links, etc. NetExtender is the VPN client for direct server drive access over server drive mappings.