Corona Virus Remote Access

With the outbreak of Corona virus wreaking havoc on the business market, large businesses (Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc) are now having their employees to work from home. If the time comes that our clients wish to their employees work from home, we can help setup remote access to the company network.

Remote Access

For a Terminal Server setup, we would have to add the terminal server software and terminal security software. This will give everyone access to all the data. If needed, we may have to install software such as Office, Quickbooks, and other client specific software. Some clients already have this solution installed.

For a direct connection to the employees desktop, we would need to setup the VPN software, open up the Remote Desktop Service, and test the connection. This is the quickest solution. We would just have to increase VPN licenses.


For the clients that have VoIP phones, such as 8x8, the move to remote access is the same as if still in the office. Install the 8x8 app on your cell phone and it works just like you’re sitting at your office desk. Phone numbers can easily be forwarded all around with VoIP systems, so missing a call, will not be an issue.

For Non-VoIP clients, you will need to call the phone company and have them forward numbers over to cell phones so you don’t miss any calls.

If your business wants to setup working remotely during this pandemic please just let us know! We’ll figure out the best way for your business to continue to operate based on your unique needs.

Don’t Hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you might have.

Thank you

Michael Pisto